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ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line)

  ADSL technology came into existence because of the need to carry huge data movements. The substance used to move data is copper telephone wire. It is geared for a maximum of 8 Mbps downstream and 640 kbps upstream flows. On top of that it supports the normal telephone service (POTS = Plain Old Telephone Service). ADSL resembles the DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) Internet service. Using ADSL improves the subscriber's download speed, simultaneously checking the upload speed which is typically much slower. ADSL is popular with home networking subscribers since the average user is likely to be downloading from the Web and P2P networks more frequently than uploading. The downloads are often huge while the uploads are comparatively small. And this is exactly what ADSL was designed to accomplished. The manner in which ADSL operates is by giving or distributing existing telephone line frequencies to favor downstream traffic. To add to ADSL's many user-friendly abilities, it equals DSL in characteristics, has a high-speed service, goes into slumber mode (always available), and has voice and data support ready. The only limitation ADSL has is that it's availability and performance is restricted by physical distances. ADSL is closely related to DSL. ADSL technology is specifically created for data communication purposes where great differences in data speed are required. It communicates data transmissions at high speed through copper telephone wire. In all aspects, ADSL overrides the characteristics of the conventional modem. ADSL is created in such a way that it utilizes high-pitch frequencies, not modulized for the human ear.

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